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Bulk trading business.
Bulk trading business.
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The Bulk Trading Business Department follows a development strategy that focuses on long-term supply chain services for the industry. The company has strong capabilities in resource integration and comprehensive services, providing complete supply chain collective services for the upstream and downstream of the industry chain.
Main business area.

Energy / Energy Minerals

Crude oil (national standard, local refining) - gasoline, diesel

coal - thermal coal, coking coal.

Main business.

Lithium carbonate.

Lithium carbonate is known as "white petroleum" and is widely used in various fields such as 3C lithium batteries, medicine, and industry. It is an important strategic resource for the country.

Aluminum ingot.

Aluminum ingots are known as "white lightweight metal materials" and are widely used in industrial manufacturing, construction materials, transportation and other fields. It is an important structural and functional metal resource in the current socio-economic development. Electrolytic copper.

Electrolytic copper.

Widely used in the fields of electrical and electronic industries.

Potassium fertilizer.

Potassium fertilizer is known as the "food of food" and is widely used for the cultivation and management of various crops such as corn, rice, beans, tomatoes, and fruits.

Main business.

Sichuan specialty agricultural and sideline products.

       Mengding Mountain Tea Series - including Mengding Huangya, Mengding Shihua, Mengding Ganlu, Yuye Changchun, Wanqing Yinye, etc.

      Yaxi Line Fruit Series - cherries, loquats, mangoes, pomegranates, sunshine roses, kiwis, babagan oranges, ugly oranges, etc.

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